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  • RESIMAC takes the lead - Aug, 2016

    RESIMAC has cut its variable rate to take a market leading position. See how they stack up, We have sorted the rates table from lowest to highest variable rate.

  • RESIMAC makes important changes to rates and fees (+ VIDEO) - Aug, 2016

    RESIMAC says it will continue lending up to 80% but it is making some changes to its products and pricing to help manage the mix of owner-occupied lending and property investment loans

  • How to get a mortgage - Sep, 2015

    Help! I'm self-employed and can't get a mortgage. All too often self-employed people go to their bank to borrow on the house, are turned down, and think that's it, they can't get a mortgage. Ever..

  • Floating mortgage rate cuts take standard RESIMAC rate well under the banks - June 2015

    Non-bank lender RESIMAC has made a range of cuts to its floating, or variable, mortgage rates taking its standard floating rate for borrowers with a deposit of at least 20% well under bank rates..