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Nobody’s perfect. So why the expectation that everybody should be? At RESIMAC we recognise that everyone’s different, so we do things a bit differently when it comes to home loans.

It’s no secret that past credit issues can paint a bad picture when applying for a home loan. But we understand that life can be unpredictable, and like to focus on what someone can achieve in the future.

Becoming a home-owner means getting your ducks in a row. At the most basic level that means having your deposit sorted and setting yourself up to make your payments. Let’s take a look at how we may be able to help you own your own home.

You don’t need to be perfect

  • We aspire to perfection, but we’ve also got a firm grip on reality. We know that life isn’t perfect and that not everyone fits the mould when it comes to buying a home.

  • Because we understand the real-life challenges many would-be home owners face, we’re more flexible than many lenders. RESIMAC home loans are designed to help real people into their homes – past challenges and all.

Let’s talk about deposits

  • What happened in the past is quite literally the past. That’s why we don’t think that your financial history is the be all and end all; bad credit can be overcome.

  • So if you’ve had some challenges that have affected your credit record, we welcome you to get in touch to see if we can help. The first step forward is to correct your position today, so contact one of our Lending Specialists to get the ball rolling.

We believe in looking forward

  • Having money in the bank is a great way to show that you’re invested in your future. Of course, saving a deposit can feel daunting, but there are ways to get to your goal sooner. The good news is that we know all about them.

  • One example is accessing the money you’ve saved in KiwiSaver. If you’ve been contributing to KiwiSaver for a while, you may qualify to withdraw funds or you may also be eligible for a HomeStart Grant. Both of these options are a great way to boost your deposit.

We believe that anything’s possible if you take the right steps towards home ownership. That’s the attitude that’s enabled us to help numerous Kiwis get a home loan from RESIMAC and onto the property ladder. Why not complete our online application today or speak to one of our Lending Specialists and see where it could take you?

  • Use a calculator to get an estimate of how much you can borrow.
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  • Call our Lending Specialists and they can do the calculation for you over the phone plus answer any questions you have at the time. Talk to us on 0800 466 656