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RESIMAC Direct is focused on helping customers find a competitive home loan solution. We were recognised as Non-Bank Lender of the Year in 2015.

Our loans are backed by RESIMAC Limited who have been funding home loans for over 30 years in Australia and have achieved a residential loan servicer ranking of ‘STRONG’, as assigned by Standard & Poors. RESIMAC has been in the New Zealand market for over 5 years.

Our primary focus

Our team is focused on finding ways to help our customers achieve their goals. Through interactions with our team and our website, we aim to create an outstanding borrowing experience.

We have an extensive range of lending tools and home loan information, allowing you to conveniently explore your options online. Then when you are ready, you can also apply for your home loan at a time that suits you! Our online information is backed up by personal assistance from one of our experienced Relationship Managers.

Broad range of home loans

RESIMAC Direct offers a broad range of home loans to suit a variety of borrowers, from some of the most competitively priced on the market, to options for borrowers having difficulty getting a home loan.

We are here to help and our aim is to find solutions. We can explore options from our wide range of home loans.

Funding for our home loans

RESIMAC Direct obtains funding for its home loans from RESIMAC Home Loans who is an established non-bank lender focused on providing a broad range of home loan solutions for New Zealand borrowers at competitively low interest rates. RESIMAC Direct provides solutions to borrowers who may have had issues getting their mortgage lending through mainstream lenders, for a range of reasons; for short term employment, self-employed with full financial accounts not available, investment purchases with low equity or borrowers who have a life event that has resulted in bad credit, defaults, poor account conduct or even bankruptcy.

RESIMAC is an established Non-Bank Lender funding mortgages since 2011 in New Zealand with the support and backing of its parent company in Australia, RESIMAC Limited who has been successfully operating in the Australian market for over 30 years. Established in 1985, RESIMAC began under the name FANMAC, and was first created to service and securitise residential loans for HomeFund, a New South Wales State Government housing programme

RESIMAC evolved to become a leading Non-Bank Lender providing many New Zealand and Australian borrowers with a compelling lending alternative to the banking sector with broad product features and competitive interest rates.

RESIMAC is the pioneer of Australian Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS), being the first issuer in 1988. Since then it has issued more than A$19bn through 36 domestic and international RMBS issues, demonstrating its enduring presence as a leading non-bank issuer in New Zealand and Australia.

Quality Assured; RESIMAC Home Loans is a committed responsible lender who comply to obligations to our customers under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 and we're a member of the Professional Advisers Association.

For more information about RESIMAC visit www.resimac.co.nz.

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